Functional Pottery and Floral Design on the Olympic Peninsula

Hand made



Home Studio in Sequim, WA

Noelle Johnson Photography

Noelle Johnson Photography

As a student at University of Alaska SE, in Juneau, Bergen decided to take a pottery class on a whim. Next thing she knew, everything she wore was covered in clay dust, her hands were always cracked and she was enamored by clay. She graduated in one of UAS’s first Bachelor of Art Degrees with an emphasis in ceramics and sculpture. After moving away from her college clay studio, pottery was put on the back burner for a few years. Bergen’s earthen and sculptural background influence her floral designs greatly. In 2019, Bergen and her husband are working on creating a pottery studio in their home and resurrecting an old kiln. Soon Bergen will be on the wheel again, creating and nurturing the “FIRE” side of Fire and Blooms.

Stay tuned!