Functional Pottery and Floral Design on the Olympic Peninsula

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Frequently Asked Questions

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do you have a minimum for delivery?

I don’t if it’s within an hour drive of downtown Sequim for my locals, delivery charges still apply. If the drive time one way is over an hour from Sequim, WA there is a requirement of $800 minimum in flowers.

Do you use only local flowers and greenery?

This is my preference but it is very dependent on time of year, style of design and size of event. Because it is the Evergreen state, I will always be adding local greenery to my floral designs. I forage, use local small flower farmers and cutting gardens to get local gems weather/season permitting. I also have wholesalers that I go through to get some of the premium blooms like roses, protea and other unique items to fit the look and feel of your event.

where is your pottery for sale?

Gah, nowhere yet. There are many moving parts to running a small business and the studio is in the works for the kiln and pottery wheel. Once we get going again, we’ll be sure to post about our pieces and open a store on this site.

how much notice do you need to do flowers?

I order in flowers and forage for each order. I am not a studio that always has flowers on hand, so I need at least a week notice for floral orders. Weddings and elopements need around two months for planning and orders. If you want a la carte items, two weeks can be enough notice.

how far would you go for flowers?

We are open to travel! We make each wedding fresh and to order so we don’t ship our designs. We tend to stay on the west coast but would love to do flowers other locations as well. Travel fees apply.

do you only do wedding and elopement flowers?

Mostly, but we also do events, parties and more. Because we are a special order studio florist, we can’t accommodate everyday orders at this point.

do you do workshops?

At this point none are planned. There is some talk of planning a local workshop on the peninsula but no announcements yet. Stay tuned.

do you do collaborations?

I love networking and collaborating with local businesses and photographers. Please reach out in my inquiry form if you have an idea to share.